Compare car insurance quotes

The internet has brought about the onset of insurance aggregators such as Top car insurance, life insure, cheap funeral insurance, hippo and insurance hound. These websites act as a portal for users to enter, fill out one simple form and compare car insurance quotes from well know brands.

Top Car Insurance is a website that allows users to enter for free. All the user needs to do is fill in one lead form and they will be able to compare car insurance quotes from the best companies around.

Instead of phoning and meeting insurance companies face to face, all you need to do to car insurance quote comparison is to visit the site. There are certain things you will need to consider when you are comparing car insurance quotes namely:

  • The reputation of the insurance company
  • The excess on the policy
  • The amount the premium will go up in the event of an accident
  • Weather the vehicle has been modified or not
  • Who is the principal driver of the vehicle
  • The service of the insurance company

Top Car Insurance does this all for you as it acts on your behalf and compares car insurance quotes for you.

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