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Car insurance, like Life Insurance is something that needs to be very carefully considered. There are hundreds of car insurance companies in South Africa which makes the choice even more difficult. Each car insurance company has different advantages. Eg Outsurance gives away an Outbonus to each policyholder, where they get something back from their premium each month if they do not have an accident.
Hollard offers Pay As You Drive insurance, where you only pay for the kilometres you drive. The point is there are so many offers out there in the market and this makes it impossible for the consumer to make the right choice.
Top Car Insurance is a web broker who makes your life easier by doing all your hard work. Essentially once you fill in the contact form on the home page Top Car insurance, your information will be sent to multiple car insurance companies. These companies will then quote you. You will only be contacted by South Africa's top car insurance companies. After you have been quoted by each of the respective companies, all you have to do is choose the cheapest quote.
Remember, when you get your car insurance quotes be careful to look at the excess structures as well. Some South African insurance companies will charge lower premiums but the catch is in the excess. So when you have an accident, you will have to pay a large amount as the insurance company does not cover your excess amount.

Car Insurance has never been so easy to get , all you need to do is visit and fill out the simple form.

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